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10215 99 Avenue
Fort St. John, BC, V1J 1V5
Phone:(250) 785-4511
Fax: (250) 785-2810

It is the vision/mission of Central School to offer a French Immersion academic program of the highest quality, in an inclusive and caring environment. We strive toward building a strong educational community that integrates the Fine Arts, incorporates Indigenous learning, enhances the development of self-awareness, engages all learners and fosters a love for learning and respect for self and others.

Ecole Central Vision/Mission Statement:

 C’est la vision/mission de l’École Central d’offrir un programme académique d’immersion française de la plus haute qualité, dans un environnement inclusif et bienveillant. On s’efforce à développer une communauté éducative unie intégrant les Beaux-Arts, prenant en compte les apprentissages autochtones, renforçant le développement de la conscience de soi, engageant tous les apprenants, favorisant un désir d’apprendre et encourageant le respect de soi et des autres.

 Central School Context:

–    Single Track French Immersion Elementary School (District Program)

–    Fine Arts Focus

–    Located in the downtown core of Fort St. John

–    Breakfast & lunch programs to support our students in their learning

–    250 students

–    Diverse population which includes 33 Indigenous Students

–    Staff includes

2 Admin Staff (Bilingual Principal & Vice-Principal)

12   Enrolling Teachers

0.9 Fine Arts prep teachers

0.5 Librarian

1.0 Learning Support & Reading Support French teacher for the French program

4 Educational Assistants / Lunch Period Monitors


1 Secretary

2 Custodians

1 Part-time School Counselor

Ecole Central School Goals:

Human and Social Goal:

To continue to build and nurture a sense of community across the school, “Together we are better”. This will help our students to consistently make good decisions in difficult moments.

Intellectual Goal:

Numeracy: To develop a common formative &/or summative assessment that can be used school-wide at the appropriate level of the learner.

Literacy: To maintain quality practices in Reading instruction that staff currently use as well as to improve and increase fluency and quality of written output.

Career/Skill Development Goal:

We want our students to collaboratively make, share, create, explore and develop their problem-solving skills through Arts Integration and Design Thinking opportunities.

We have a strong and active Parent Advisory Committee, who are wonderful advocates for all our students and very supportive of our staff. We enjoy a very supportive parent community.

To contact us, please see the Contact Us Page.