Tips For Buying When You Need To Sell: Opt To Rent Short Term In Fort St. John


Tips for buying when you need to sell: Opt to rent short term

Another tip today for those concerned about selling and then buying another home at the same time. It can be a balancing act to get everything to line up perfectly. What happens if your home sells and you just cannot find anything perfect to buy. We have been experiencing low inventory in certain sub-sections of the market. This may make you feel pressure to go up in price making for a less comfortable monthly budget or you settle for less and find yourself wanting to move again a short time later. One option is to rent short-term. Yes, moving twice can be a hassle however there are some great storage solutions out there if you can rent a furnished place or stay with family. This will allow you the time to find the perfect home, and allows you to place an offer without a contingency clause of you selling your house.

There is not a one approach fits all in this matter, but I want to help guide you and make sure you know all of your options.

Find out the other top strategies I use to help clients who need to buy and sell at the same time by getting my FREE guide at the link here:

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