Get Pre-Approved - It Can Impact the Search For Your Home

When starting the home buying process, you may be wondering what exactly can benefit you once you begin working with a realtor. Well believe it or not, but getting pre-approved for your mortgage can actually impact the search for your home.
As your local Fort St. John realtor with over 10 years of experience, Elizabeth Chi knows all the tips and tricks that can help you find your dream home. The first is the importance of getting pre-approved for your mortgage. Most real estate agents will refuse to work with a buyer if they have not been pre-approved for a mortgage. No realtor wants to spend their time showing potential buyers around and scheduling viewings if they are not serious about becoming a homeowner.
Getting pre-approved lets your realtor know that you are serious about the home buying process and that by working with you, their time will be well spent.
It’s no shock that the mortgage application process can be very time-consuming, therefore, by taking the initiative to have your finances reviewed and your credit report checked, you are showing that you are interested in buying Fort St. John real estate. In addition, getting pre-approved also tells your real estate agent that you are financially prepared for homeownership. As realtors, we know that your financial history has been analyzed and that you are in good financial standing to purchase a home.
Another way that getting pre-approved can benefit you when working with a realtor is that it lets you know your affordability. Your mortgage broker will tell you exactly how much they can lend you, which tells the real estate agent what you can afford so they can find homes for sale in Fort St. John that fall within that price range. Knowing this amount can save you time when shopping the market because instead of viewing a wide range of homes, your realtor will only focus on showing you the ones that are within your budget.
Pre-approval comes with a lot of added benefits that can help impact the search for your home. For more details on how this process can help you, or if you would like to get started on the home buying process now, please contact Elizabeth Chi, your local real estate agent, at 778-256-2888.