Fort St John Realtor – Ways to Save When Buying

As a Fort St John Realtor, I have helped countless individuals and families purchase the homes of their dreams in locations throughout British Columbia. For most of these buyers, the decisions they made about how they financed the purchase of their home, were the most important financial decisions they would ever make.
Trust me – I know the process of purchasing a home is not cheap. That is why I have compiled a list of ways you can save when you are buying your own home. When these tips are paired with the knowledge and skills of an experienced realtor, you can avoid the headache of worrying about how much time and money you are spending during the home buying process.
Once I have helped you find the perfect home and you are ready to secure your mortgage, shop around. You walked through a dozen houses before you made your final decision, so why rush into a contract with the first lender you talk to?
Take your time with the mortgage process and shop your loan around to at least a few different lenders. They may not all offer you the lowest rate, but you will be surprised to find out that the lowest rate doesn’t always mean the least expensive mortgage. Find out what your options are and negotiate with the lenders to get the mortgage you want with options that save you the most money.
Another great way to save money when you are buying a home is to find one that needs some “TLC” because homes that need a little bit of work are typically priced lower than those with lots of fancy upgrades and custom features. With homes that need some work, there are often plenty of small, inexpensive changes that you can easily do to make the house feel more like your home.
We all have an image in our mind of the perfect home and the perfect price. If you are in the market to purchase a home but you are struggling to find a way to save, give me a call! Together, we can figure out exactly what you need and what you can afford and from there I will help you find the perfect home that works with both!