The real estate and financial news on the national level have been predicting doom and gloom and prices dropping in major markets by as much as 30% due to rising interest rates and inflation.

But here's why you shouldn't worry too much about those headlines here in Fort St John. The Northern BC real estate market is unique, and driven by different factors than in Southern markets.

For starters, we didn't see the same astronomical year-over-year growth that they experienced in larger markets. Prices here only marginally increased at a steady pace, which is ideal. With our neighbors to the South starting to feel the pinch, they often look for where the work is. Fort St. John has one of the strongest average household income to affordable housing ratios!

The Peace region is seeing an influx of new projects and businesses, meaning more opportunities for employment. This may lead to a change in the housing market, with more people competing for available homes. Despite this, interest rates are expected to rise in the future, so buyers should be aware of this when making their decisions.

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Check out the snapshot of the September stats below

September Statistics

➡️ All Property Types ⬅️

Average Price: $392K

Days on market: 64

New listings: 73

Sold: 44

➡️ Detached ⬅️

Average Price: $396K

Days on market: 53

New listings: 44

Sold: 26

➡️ Attached ⬅️

Average Price: $262K

Days on market: 81

New listings:13

Sold: 8

➡️ House w/ Acreage ⬅️

Average Price: $585K

Days on market: 66

New listings: 8

Sold: 7

➡️ Mobile Homes ⬅️

Average Price: $252K

Days on market: 113

New listings: 8

Sold: 3

New Listings:

September 2022: 73

September 2021: 69

✅ Active Listings

September 2022: 318

September 2021: 335


September 2022: 44

September 2021: 64

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Want to schedule a chat about the market? We can see what your home is worth, what the market’s doing, or anything you want really! Click:

After a very bustling Spring, we commonly see a bit of a slow down in June as the school year ends and summer plans have people away on vacation. We have also recently seen the end of historically low-interest rates, which has stalled some buyers, however, we do not anticipate the rates dropping anytime soon, in fact, they may go up further. The cost to build new homes has increased due to the inflation we are currently dealing with. These factors have led to a shift to a more balanced market here in Fort St John. We may see a small price correction but I do not anticipate it will be anywhere near the correction that will occur in the larger markets, as we did not see anywhere near the same level of average price increases.

With fewer buyers out there I tell my sellers they need to make sure their home is picture perfect for every single showing. Buyers have more to choose from these days so it is important that your home stands out. The number of days on market has slowly been increasing, and we have seen some price reductions across the region.

Now more than ever it will be imperative to work with an agent with a stellar track record and an established marketing machine.

Want to schedule a chat about the market? We can see what your home is worth, what the market’s doing, or anything you want really! Click:

I would love to tell you how my experience can go to work for you!

See below for a comprehensive breakdown of the stats in our region for July!


➡️ All Property Types ⬅️

Average Price: $325K
Days on the market: 47
New listings: 74
Sold: 56

➡️ Detached ⬅️

Average Price: $ 392K
Days on the market: 54
New listings: 33
Sold: 27

➡️ Attached ⬅️

Average Price: $ 271K
Days on the market: 84
New listings: 24
Sold: 14

➡️ House w/ Acreage ⬅️

Average Price: $ 395K
Days on the market: 63
New listings: 14
Sold: 4

➡️ Mobile Homes ⬅️

Average Price: $ 205K
Days on the market: 83
New listings: 13
Sold: 11

Year Over Year

New Listings:
July 2021: 95
July 2022: 74

✅ Active Listings
July 2021: 373
July 2022: 321

July 2021: 71
July 2022: 56

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The Home Seller's Timeline:  How to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Preparing your home before putting it on the market is very essential if you are looking into maximizing your sale price. 

The first step to ensure this is to immediately connect with a real estate agent. A real estate’s expertise is a great help in catching the buyer’s attention. In addition to this, an early start in the preparation process will give you time to boost your home’s appeal by tackling upgrades and repairs needed before putting your home on the market. 

We have compiled a checklist below to guide you on what you should do leading up to the listing of your home. Although there is no one size fits all process, this checklist will be helpful to make sure your home is ready for sale, come listing time. If you still need further assistance after going through this list we’d be more than happy to walk you through a customized plan that fits you. 



Whether you are someone who wants to plan your future move or is ready to pack up on short notice, these initial steps will keep you ahead of the listing game. 

Get In Touch With Your Real Estate Agent

We make sure to provide service beyond expectation when it comes to our client's needs. We have a series of complimentary, pre-listing consultations to advise you on how to best prepare your home for the market.

Delaying this step and waiting for your home to be ready for listing can be a big mistake. In our years of experience, we have observed that the earlier we are brought into the process, the faster the sale. This also benefits you financially as it will mean more money for you after closing.

As real estate agents, we have the connection and expertise to devise a plan to boost your property’s appeal. We not only provide VIP treatment but moreover, we can help alleviate stress in the preparation leading up to the listing.

Address Necessary Repairs and Upgrades

With our experience, we can give you insights into your home’s condition. There are instances where we may suggest a pre-listing inspection. A pre-listing inspection may not be that common in a seller’s market but it can help you avoid any surprises along the process of listing your home. 

During our discussion of the pros and cons of selling your home, we can list structural, systems or cosmetics issues that could hurt the sale of your home in the future. We can identify problems that can make the home unsafe which can be flagged on an inspection report. In some cases, the home’s design feature is also a factor for the sales potential.

Repairs and renovations will take time, so it’s best to start them right away. With this, our knowledge will help you identify which updates are worth your time and investment.



After addressing major repair issues, it’s now time to check on what needs minor updating which can still influence a buyer’s perspective in purchasing your home.

Make Minor Repairs

Look for any unaddressed maintenance or repair issues, such as water spots, pest activity, and rotten siding. This is the time to take care of those small annoyances like squeaky hinges, sticking doors, and leaky faucets, too.

Most of these minor repairs can be addressed going the DIY route, using a few simple tools. Whatever you can’t handle on your own, be sure to call a professional and we can recommend some reliable local service providers to assist you. 

These minor issues are often not noticed by homeowners since you’ve been living with them but when you work with us we can give you a fresh perspective so you don’t miss any important repairs that need to be done. 


Paint and landscaping are two upgrades that are worth your investment. They spruce up your home and increase the value of your home.

Another easy redesigning thing to do is to reposition your furniture, you can DIY the staging or we can refer a local stager to you.

Declutter and Depersonalize

The key to decluttering is doing it daily rather than doing it all at once nearing listing. The best route to take is to do it one room at a time. Aside from this, you can start discarding or donating some items that you no longer need. This way it will also make moving easier for you.


This last week before your home is available for sale is crucial. Focus on the small details and key areas.

Check-In With Your Agent

We’ll finalize the listing price, marketing plan, and the remaining preparations that are for discussion. We will help you each step of the way to make sure you maximize the sale of your home.

Tidy Your Exterior

It’s time to focus on your home’s exterior! Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and make sure flower beds are weeded. Additionally, power wash your siding, wash all windows and screens and empty the gutters.

Deep Clean Your Interior

Your interior should match the tidiness of your exterior. Make sure to deodorize and steam clean all carpets. For this the DIY route might not be the best idea, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to make sure every space smells and looks fresh.

We also recommend tidying up your closets, pantries, and cabinets. Some buyers check on this to see if they’re all neat and organized. 


It’s an open house at last! But before showing your house here are some finishing touches that will surely impress potential buyers.

Pre-Showing Prep

Make the buyers feel at home by ensuring the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature. Lighting also plays a part so open all curtains and blinds and turn on all lights so potential buyers can see the beauty of your home.

Tidy up the floor, empty or hide trash cans and wipe clean all countertops. Make the bathroom presentable by closing toilet lids and hanging clean hand towels.

You also need to secure jewelry, sensitive documents, prescription medications, and any other items of value in a safe or store them off-site.

Lastly, it’s best to have pets out of the house during showings. If possible, you should also remove evidence of pets (litter boxes, dog beds, etc.), some buyers are turned off by this.

Remember, when potential buyers are happy and comfortable they will likely submit offers right away. 



Preparation is the key to selling your home. Keeping it in top condition will attract potential buyers.

Give us a call if you think of selling your home, even if you are still unsure when. Nothing beats being prepared and no one can help you more than us! 


The Spring Market is in full swing!

With the interest rates set to increase over the coming months, we still have lots of buyers looking to make a move.

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of new listings come to market giving a little bit of balance to the lack of inventory we have been experiencing.

Prices have crept up a little in family homes, and we have even seen a few homes get multiple offers and go OVER asking.

I've consistently seen homes getting pretty close to asking as long as they are priced right in the first place, and I've been telling my buyers that this is not the time to submit low ball offers, as in some cases the sellers will not even bother to counter.

One property type I have noticed a great lack of inventory is homes with suites, so buyers are definitely looking for a home with mortgage-helping income earning potential.

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➡️ All Property Types ⬅️

Average Price: $356,000
Days on market: 47
New listings: 78
Sold: 48

➡️ Detached ⬅️

Average Price: $375,000
Days on market:47
New listings:37

➡️ Attached ⬅️

Average Price: $284,000
Days on market: 51
New listings: 21
Sold: 4

➡️ House w/ Acreage ⬅️

Average Price: $511,000
Days on market: 40
New listings: 11
Sold: 5

➡️ Mobile Homes ⬅️

Average Price: $163,000
Days on market: 83
New listings: 9
Sold: 6

New Listings:
March 2021: 106
March 2022: 78

✅ Active Listings
March 2021: 322
March 2022: 249

March 2021: 58
March 2022: 48

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4 Ways To Find The Right Contractor For You


Contractors are in high demand these days, but finding the right one can be difficult. With so many contractors out there, it is important to set up an interview process beforehand to find the best contractor for you.

There are four steps that you should take:

1) Narrow down your search by what type of work needs to get done

2) Get referrals from friends and family

3) Read reviews online

4) Set up interviews with three contractors for each service

This process will help ensure that you end up with a contractor who is skilled in your area of need and one that you are comfortable working with.

Narrow down your search by what type of work needs to get done

When narrowing down your search for a contractor, it is important to first figure out what type of work needs to be done. This can be anything from home renovations to building a new deck. Once you have a good idea of the scope of the project, you can start looking for contractors who have experience in that area. You can also ask your friends, family, and neighbors for referrals. 

Get referrals from friends and family

The internet is full of different contractors and not all contractors are created equal. It is important to make sure you are getting a contractor that has the knowledge, expertise, and skills to get the job done right.

If you know anyone who has recently used a contractor, they can provide you with lots of information. Ask them about their experience; what company did they use? Did the company meet time commitments and communicate well throughout the project? Was there follow-up after completion? What was their overall impression of the work performed? These questions will help you determine which contractors to look at first.

One of the best ways to find a great contractor is to get recommendations from people you trust. This could be your family and friends, or even people you know through work or social circles. If someone has had a good experience with a contractor, they will likely be happy to refer them to you.

Read reviews online

One way to avoid wasting time interviewing contractors is by reading reviews online. If you spend ten minutes researching one company, those ten minutes will save hours in the long run as you will interview fewer contractors than you would have otherwise. You can search using keywords such as Fort St John home renovation contractors or Fort St John deck building, depending on what the project actually entails.

Set up interviews with three contractors for each service

When looking for a contractor, it is important to set up interviews with three different contractors. This will give you a sense of what each contractor is like and what they can offer you. It is also important to ask the same questions to all three contractors in order to get a fair comparison.


In Fort St John, finding the right contractor can be a challenge. However, if you follow these four steps and take your time to find the perfect one for you then it will become much easier: 

1) Narrow down what type of work needs to get done 

2) Get referrals from friends and family 

3) Read reviews 

4) Set up interviews with three contractors for each service. These four steps will help ensure that you end up with a skilled contractor who is knowledgeable in your area of need and someone whom you are comfortable working with.