The Spring Market is in full swing!

With the interest rates set to increase over the coming months, we still have lots of buyers looking to make a move.

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of new listings come to market giving a little bit of balance to the lack of inventory we have been experiencing.

Prices have crept up a little in family homes, and we have even seen a few homes get multiple offers and go OVER asking.

I've consistently seen homes getting pretty close to asking as long as they are priced right in the first place, and I've been telling my buyers that this is not the time to submit low ball offers, as in some cases the sellers will not even bother to counter.

One property type I have noticed a great lack of inventory is homes with suites, so buyers are definitely looking for a home with mortgage-helping income earning potential.

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➡️ All Property Types ⬅️

Average Price: $356,000
Days on market: 47
New listings: 78
Sold: 48

➡️ Detached ⬅️

Average Price: $375,000
Days on market:47
New listings:37

➡️ Attached ⬅️

Average Price: $284,000
Days on market: 51
New listings: 21
Sold: 4

➡️ House w/ Acreage ⬅️

Average Price: $511,000
Days on market: 40
New listings: 11
Sold: 5

➡️ Mobile Homes ⬅️

Average Price: $163,000
Days on market: 83
New listings: 9
Sold: 6

New Listings:
March 2021: 106
March 2022: 78

✅ Active Listings
March 2021: 322
March 2022: 249

March 2021: 58
March 2022: 48

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Low inventory impacts the entire region in January 2022!

Your Fort St John Market Update

The big story of January 2022 was low inventory across the region, and that means that it is a GREAT time to get your property on the market.

Here’s a breakdown of the key market metrics from Jan 2021 compared to Jan 2022…

New Listings
Jan 2021- 80
Jan 2022- 59

Active Listings
Jan 2021- 292
Jan 2022- 223

Jan 2021- 44
Jan 2022- 30 (due to lack of inventory!)

Find yourself wondering what homes sold for in January? Well, I have that breakdown for you, too… 

Key Market Stats Based on Dwelling Type

All Property Types
Average price- $300,415
Days on market- 109
New listings- 59
Sold- 30

Detached Homes
Average price- $360,409
Days on market- 103
New listings- 25
Sold- 16

Attached Homes
Average price- $251,890
Days on market- 126
New listings- 15
Sold- 10

Mobile Homes
Average price- $181,750
Days on market- 94
New listings- 10
Sold- 4

I have qualified buyers who have been searching for that perfect home that is not currently on the market.

If you have been thinking about listing, NOW is a great time!

If you’re a homeowner who wants to know the value of your home and take advantage of the low competition, click here to get a market evaluation:

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