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After a very bustling Spring, we commonly see a bit of a slow down in June as the school year ends and summer plans have people away on vacation. We have also recently seen the end of historically low-interest rates, which has stalled some buyers, however, we do not anticipate the rates dropping anytime soon, in fact, they may go up further. The cost to build new homes has increased due to the inflation we are currently dealing with. These factors have led to a shift to a more balanced market here in Fort St John. We may see a small price correction but I do not anticipate it will be anywhere near the correction that will occur in the larger markets, as we did not see anywhere near the same level of average price increases.

With fewer buyers out there I tell my sellers they need to make sure their home is picture perfect for every single showing. Buyers have more to choose from these days so it is important that your home stands out. The number of days on market has slowly been increasing, and we have seen some price reductions across the region.

Now more than ever it will be imperative to work with an agent with a stellar track record and an established marketing machine.

Want to schedule a chat about the market? We can see what your home is worth, what the market’s doing, or anything you want really! Click:

I would love to tell you how my experience can go to work for you!

See below for a comprehensive breakdown of the stats in our region for July!


➡️ All Property Types ⬅️

Average Price: $325K
Days on the market: 47
New listings: 74
Sold: 56

➡️ Detached ⬅️

Average Price: $ 392K
Days on the market: 54
New listings: 33
Sold: 27

➡️ Attached ⬅️

Average Price: $ 271K
Days on the market: 84
New listings: 24
Sold: 14

➡️ House w/ Acreage ⬅️

Average Price: $ 395K
Days on the market: 63
New listings: 14
Sold: 4

➡️ Mobile Homes ⬅️

Average Price: $ 205K
Days on the market: 83
New listings: 13
Sold: 11

Year Over Year

New Listings:
July 2021: 95
July 2022: 74

✅ Active Listings
July 2021: 373
July 2022: 321

July 2021: 71
July 2022: 56

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U P D A T E S * O N * S O C I A L



➡️ All Property Types ⬅️

Average Price: $383K

Days on market: 33

New listings: 120

Sold: 83

➡️ Detached ⬅️

Average Price: $421K

Days on market:52

New listings: 69

Sold: 36

➡️ Attached ⬅️

Average Price: $269K

Days on market: 68

New listings:31

Sold: 17

➡️ House w/ Acreage ⬅️

Average Price: $658K

Days on market: 58

New listings: 8

Sold: 9

➡️ Mobile Homes ⬅️

Average Price: $293K

Days on market: 46

New listings: 12

Sold: 21

New Listings:

April 2022: 120

April 2021: 108

✅ Active Listings

April 2022: 227

April 2021: 348


April 2022: 83

April 2021: 83

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The Spring market has been keeping me on my toes, and it's time to give you an update on what is going on in the market. With the weather improving, the sun shining, snow is gone, and the grass is greener we are starting to see a lot of new properties come to the market which is giving balance to the low inventory we were experiencing earlier in the year. This increase in inventory could start to impact my suggested listing price for sellers. New listings bumped up from 90 new listings in April to 120 in May. Although we still have over 100 fewer active listings than we had in May of 2021 and there was the same number of sales overall with 83. But as interest rates rise, some buyers will be able to afford less! There are still buyers out there looking to buy before their rate holds expire so there's a bit of urgency at the moment for SOME buyers.

Sale prices seem to be holding pretty steady with most homes going close to asking if they are priced right in the first place, and the seller has put in the effort to get their home show-ready, and kept it that way for EVERY show!

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Figuring out how much time you should spend viewing properties for sale is a little like asking, “How long should I spend trying on shoes?”
The answer seems obvious: As long as it takes to make a decision
Buying a home is significantly more complex than purchasing shoes – and the stakes are higher too!
You need to make sure you have all the information necessary to confidently make the best decision.
There are basically three stages to viewing a property:
1. Macro
2. Micro
3. Professional
When you view a home on a macro basis, you’re looking at it from an overall perspective. For example, you may do a general walk-through to get a first impression and determine if the property has the basic features you need, such as the number of bedrooms and the size of the backyard.
Macro viewing is often the fastest stage in the viewing process and can sometimes take just a few minutes.
If you like what you see, then it’s onto the micro stage. At this stage, you take a closer look at the details of the property. You might, for example, spend extra time in the master bedroom imagining how your furniture would look and fit.
The micro stage takes longer simply because the home is now on your shortlist. You’re interested and are considering making an offer.
Finally, the professional stage involves getting a qualified home inspector to go over the property with a fine-tooth comb. That typically occurs after you’ve made an offer.
As your REALTOR®, I will guide you through a viewing so you’ll know what to look for and can make a smart, informed decision. Call today 778.256.2888