Buying & Selling At The Same Time At Fort St. John


I have been providing solutions to those clients who are ready to make a move but are afraid their house will sell too quickly in this active market and they will be without a place to live. There are several solutions to help us navigate this issue. Today I am going to discuss making an offer subject to the sale of your house. Buyers submit an offer on a new home that is conditional on the sale of their current home. Some sellers may be hesitant to accept a conditional offer, but for others who are also looking for a home while trying to sell it can be a relief. The risk is that if the seller receives another offer, they can give you a set amount of time to remove conditions so that they may move on to the new offer if you haven't sold your house yet. If you submit a contingent offer you need to be prepared to potentially lose that home if you must have a guaranteed sale on your current home before you are in a position to purchase another one. It's a bit of a roller coaster ride but as long as you are prepared for it emotionally then it may be an option for you!

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