If you have decided to sell your home, you will soon discover that there is more to the selling process than just contacting your trusted Fort St John Realtor. The process will involve a lot of decisions, but thankfully, I am here to help!
As an experienced and knowledgeable Fort St John Realtor, I have helped countless clients sell their homes for the perfect price in the right time frame. It is my goal to work as hard as possible to save you time and help you earn the greatest return on your real estate investment in the shortest amount of time. I understand that many people don’t have the time to spend on the process of selling their home and I am here to help take a lot of that off your plate. Even so, there will be a few decisions you will need to make as we move through the process together.
The first and most important decision you will need to make in regards to selling your home will be when to do it. If you are relocating for work or familial obligations, that decision may have already been made for you. If you are relocating for personal reasons and you have more time to think about your options, there are several different factors to consider so you can make the most educated decision possible about when to sell your home. You should think about:
1. The current real estate market
2. Predictions of where the real estate market is heading
3. Your current financial situatio
4. Your future financial and homeownership goals
You should also keep in mind that in addition to the value of the home you will be moving to, the purchase of that new home will most likely involve additional expenses, especially during closing. If your mortgage term is not up for renewal for quite some time, you may want to have a discussion with your mortgage specialist to discuss payout penalties or porting the mortgage over to your new home purchase.  Make sure to add those expenses to the cost of your new home and consider what you will be making from the sale of your own home before moving further into the selling process.
Once we figure out this part of the process, we can work together to determine the best price to list your home for. The benefit of working with a real estate professional is access to our database of other real estate listings, market statistics and real estate knowledge. I combine all that information with the information I have about you and your home to help you determine the optimal asking price.
While it may seem like there isn’t much left to do in the selling process until closing once you have priced and listed your home, there are actually quite a few more steps. We will need to:
1. Clean and prep your home
2. Photograph and measure your property
3. Market your property
4. Show your home to potential buyer
5. Host open houses
6. Enter price negotiations with potential buyer
7. Obtain surveys, appraisals, etc.
The process may even include a few more steps, depending on your situation. Once all of this has been completed, it will finally be time for the closing!
If you are also purchasing a new home during this process, check out my post on the buying process or give me a call today for more information! Whether you are buying, selling or both, I am always here to help!