Have you started contemplating the sale of your real estate in Fort St John? If so, now is the time to invest in some upgrades to help maximize your return on the sale.
I have compiled a list of seven upgrades that typically pay off when you sell your home.
As a professional with years of experience in the real estate industry, I know that not every seller is dealing with the same circumstances – not everyone can afford to fully remodel their home and make expensive upgrades before they sell. With that in mind, I have included some larger-scale upgrades in this list, as well as a few simple things you can do that usually pay off when it comes time to sell your home.
1. Update Your Bathroom – There is no need to completely re-do your bathroom. If you don’t have the money to spend, you can still make your bathroom feel upgraded without breaking the bank. Should you decide to update the floors or vanity countertops, make sure to stick with something classic that can easily fit with anyone’s tastes.
2.Lawn Maintenance – What is the first person someone will see when they walk up to your house? The yard and the front door. At this point, people are already starting to form an opinion about your home, so the work you do fixing up the outside of your house can have just as much of an impact as the work you do on the inside. Make sure your lawn is properly maintained, your flower beds are weeded and new flowers are planted.
3. Room Updates – This can include bedrooms, bonus rooms and living rooms. These updates could be as simple as updating the decor, painting the walls or rearranging the furniture. Moving the furniture can help your home feel more inviting and can even make the rooms seem larger if you arrange it in a way that feels more open.
4. Update Your Kitchen – Kitchens are probably the most common remodels because they usually have the largest return on investment. If your kitchen is already in pretty good shape, it shouldn’t need more than some slight cosmetic updates which are much more affordable than a full remodel. If your kitchen appliances are still in great working condition, there are even paint products designed to refinish your appliances to look new without the price tag of being new.
5. Fresh Paint – Perhaps one of the cheapest monetary investments, especially if you do it yourself, is painting. A few coats of a great neutral color can make all the difference! Pick a neutral color so clients can better envision what your home will look like with your décor inside.
6. Adding a Deck – Building a deck onto your home will mean more than just having a place to cook out. When buyers see a deck, they envision themselves hosting parties and picture the ease of being able to transition quickly between being inside and out.
7. Freshening the Basement – The main reason to fix up your basement before listing your home for sale is to fix any moisture or temperature issues you might be experiencing. It is far more important to have a dry, mildew-free basement than a fully furnished one. If you do decide to take it a step further and finish your basement, you can typically expect anywhere from 50 to 100 percent back on that investment.
Having been in the business of real estate in Fort St John for some time, I have the expertise needed to professionally market these additional features and ensure that you get the most money back on the sale of your home.
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I can’t wait to sell your home!

When it comes to Fort St John properties, as with many other areas, the question often arises as to whether it is better to rent or to buy.
The pros and cons of each option, renting and buying, will vary based on your particular situation, which is why one answer doesn’t fit everyone. There are many different aspects involved, from the level of commitment you are willing to make to the financial costs associated with each. Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions you will make throughout your life, so it is important to consider all of your options before you make any final decisions.
When you purchase a home, you are making a long-term financial commitment to purchase and maintain the home. Though, this commitment does come with the benefits of increased privacy, return on investment, stability, and freedom. Owning a home allows you to comfortably plan for the future.
When you rent a home, you are spending nearly the same amount on rent that you would be spending on a mortgage. This money is going to pay off someone else’s mortgage rather than to build equity for yourself. And unlike a fixed mortgage, your rent will most likely increase on a yearly basis, putting it above what a mortgage payment would be, very quickly.
There are greater upfront costs associated with owning a home, which can make purchasing a home more difficult than renting for some, but we have mortgage partners who can work with you to get you the best financing options for lower down payments.
What it all comes down to is a personal decision based on your situation and what you are ready for. If you like the shorter term of the commitment required with a rental and you don’t think the other options available will work for you right now, then keep renting!
However, if you are ready to commit to the benefits of owning your own home, give me a call today! I would love to help you find your dream home in one of the amazing Fort St John properties that are currently on the market!