There are unwelcome guests that most homeowners dread. They come into your house, eat, sleep, make a mess, and never leave willingly. Each one has at least six legs and sometimes flies.
They are, of course, insects. They’ve been freeloading in homes since homes were invented. Here are some practical ways to keep these unwelcome guests out:
1. Find out how they got in. Look for gaps around windows and doors and cracks in the basement. If you find a spider web, there's likely an insect entryway nearby.
2. Watch out for standing water near the foundation of your home. Make sure rain gutters drain water well away.
3. Eliminate clutter. Insects love warm, cluttered, moist areas.
4. Check the seal around dryer vents and other vents, pipes, and cable wires going through the wall. Reseal if necessary.
5. Rinse recyclables before putting them into a bag or bin. Few things are more tempting to a bug than the dark, moist, sweet insides of an un-rinsed pop can.
If you do end up with a serious insect problem, call a professional exterminator.